Suds Fundraising

Good Clean Fundraising supplies a worthwhile and noteworthy fundraising laundry soap fundraiser system for Universities, Youth Organizations, Squads and Running Organizations, Churches, non profits, etc. We offer Premium Quality water laundry soaps and fabric softeners created in the US here by a large detergent supplier. The laundry soap comes when many consumers are spending 13-15 cents per oz at the supermarket, in 5-gallon buckets for about $45 which concerns about 7 dollars per ounce. One of many companies promoting soap for fundraising is Good Clear Fundraising (or 800-680-3775). I'll check for other companies doing this (if you will find any corporations) and post an update for individuals who need to pursue this as being a fundraiser option. Update March 3, 2015: A commenter has found Hold (powdered, not fluid) in five-quart containers imported from Vietnam being marketed in Houston.

We only came upon a truck marketing these 5 gal buckets of Wave and Gain soap and my man questioned me do some speedy investigation while he spoke and went for the person and to mix my iPad... Certainly will forward to G&G to let them and broke a photo know it's still happening within FLORIDA! There is nothing wrong with all the Detergent, while you might find and lastly Play & Procter USA proved they make this Product International.

My man was greeted by a coworker to purchase detergent (along with other things) in 5-gallon containers to get a baseball fundraiser Tide, Obtain, Pantene, Downey, Palmolive. I had some Hold that I formerly obtained and the 5-gallon ocean is NOT Hold. Our business Great Clear Fundraising sells washing detergent and fabric softeners in 5 gallon buckets. Although we've caught with your chemical lab to make an item that resembles laundry soap fundraiser the brand name items like Gain / Downy in smell, glance and performance. The explanation for my article is just to inform that misrepresent or not all firms marketing soap in 5 gallon containers are trying to fool.